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Section 26 (D) Dependant Permit (Child Of SA Citizen)

What is a Section 26 (D) Dependant Permit (Child Of SA Citizen)?

A Section 26 (D) Dependant Permit is Permanent Residency within South Africa. The Dependant Permit only allows the applicant to apply for their Permanent Residency and does not include family members however once you are a Permanent Residency holder your family may be eligible to apply for their residency through you.

Are you eligible for a Section 26 (D) Dependant Permit (Child Of SA Citizen)?

A child of a South African Citizen typically has rights to South African Citizenship through their birth right regardless of where in the world he/she was born. We find that the only instances whereby a child of a South African Citizen opts to apply for Permanent Residency rather than Citizenship is whereby the child holds a foreign passport of a particular country that does not allow dual Citizenship. Please note that if this is the case, Permanent Residency is not automatically granted to the child and he/she will have to follow the Temporary Residency Visa and Permanent Residency Permit route.

Processing times

Whilst VFS states on their website that Permanent Residency applications take 8 – 10 months we can realistically manage your expectations from the start and inform you that they are currently taking anywhere from 3 – 24months to obtain an outcome.

It is important that whilst you await the outcome of your Permanent Residency application in South Africa that you ensure that your Temporary Residency visa does not expire before you receive the outcome. If your Temporary Residency is due to expire in this time you will have to submit a renewal which can be done no later than 60 days before your Temporary Visa is due to expire.

Frequently asked questions about the Section 26 (D) Dependant Permit (Child Of SA Citizen)?

Are there any conditions issued on my Permanent Residency?
Yes, please note within two years of turning 21 you must submit a confirmation of your Permanent Residency, failure to do so could result in a lapse of your Permanent Residency.

Do I get a South African passport?
No, you will retain your foreign passport however will be given a Permanent Residency certificate which will allow you to apply for an ID Book. A Permanent Resident will have all rights of a South African Citizen except to vote.

Now that I have my Permanent Residency, can my family members apply?
Yes, now that you are a Permanent Residency, relatives within your first step of kinship are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency through yourself.

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