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Section 27 (C) Business Permit

What is a Section 27 (C) Business Permit?

The Business Permit is Permanent Residency within South Africa. The Business Permit allows the applicants family to apply for their Permanent Residency upfront along with the main applicant. If you wish to include a spouse/partner please note that you have to either be married for five years or be in a relationship for five years whereby you can show five years’ worth of shared cohabitation and shared finances.

Are you eligible for a Section 27 (C) Business Permit?

Should you be applying for your Business Permit in South Africa, you are required to hold a valid Temporary Business Visa whereby you have submitted an application adhering to the requirements within the Immigration Act and Regulations and have successfully received your visa. You are not eligible to apply for your Business Permit Permanent Residency without this in place. If you have complied/are in compliance with all the requirements and conditions based on your Temporary Residency Business Visa that you are eligible to apply for your Business Permit Permanent Residency however if you have failed to remain in line with any/all of the requirements and conditions you will not be eligible to apply.

Processing times

Whilst VFS states on their website that Permanent Residency applications take 8 – 10 months we can realistically manage your expectations from the start and inform you that they are currently taking anywhere from 3 – 24months to obtain an outcome.

It is important that whilst you await the outcome of your Permanent Residency application in South Africa that you ensure that your Temporary Residency visa does not expire before you receive the outcome. If your Temporary Residency is due to expire in this time you will have to submit a renewal which can be done no later than 60days before your Temporary Visa is due to expire.

Frequently asked questions about the Section 27 (C) Business Permit?

Are there any conditions issued on my Permanent Residency?
Yes, the Business Visa conditions being the strictest of them all. Within the first two years of obtaining your Permanent Residency you will have to submit confirmation to the Department of Home Affairs with evidence showing that you have invested the financial requirements into the book value of the business. Within three years of your first confirmation you will again need to submit confirmation to the Department of Home Affairs with evidence showing that you have previously invested into the business and that the company still remains active within South Africa.

Do I get a South African passport?
No, you will retain your foreign passport however will be given a Permanent Residency certificate which will allow you to apply for an ID Book. A Permanent Resident will have all rights of a South African Citizen except to vote.

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