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Tourist Visa

What is a Tourist Visa?

A Tourist/Holiday Visa is a short term visitor’s visa which allows the holder to enter into South Africa for holiday purposes. There is a list of countries that require pre-application. Please click here for a list of the countries that follow this requirement. For a list of countries that do not require pre-application, please click here. An applicant is permitted to apply for a once-off extension on his/her Tourist Visa on the grounds that there are no conditions stipulated on the initial Tourist Visa. This is only a viable option if the applicant applies for the extension no later than 60 days before the initial Tourist Visa is due to expire.

Are you eligible for a Tourist Visa?

You are eligible to apply for a Tourist Visa if you are non-visa exempt and you wish to travel to South Africa for holiday purposes.

Processing times

Although processing times can vary from country to country, this application process can usually take up to 15 working days. It is advised that you allocate enough time to obtain your visa before you plan to travel to South Africa.

Frequently asked questions about the Tourist Visa?

Do I have to have a return ticket to my home country?
Yes. In order to successfully obtain a Tourist Visa, the application process requires you to provide proof of a return ticket.

What financial assurances must I show?
You are required to show a 3 month bank statement with no less than R3000 in your account each month.

Can I extend my Tourist Visa in South Africa?
It is possible to extend your Tourist Visa in South Africa as long as you apply for the extension with at least 60 days remaining on your visa.

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